FAQ’s – Personal Credit Repair – Approve My Score

FAQ’s – Personal Credit Repair

What Items Are You Able to Remove? 

Why Do Results Vary? 

How Long Will it Take to Raise My Credit Score? 

How Much Will it Cost Me? 

Is Credit Training and Education Worth It? 

What is Credit Repair? 

How Does Our Service Work? 

How Long Does the Service Take? 

Why Do I Have to Prove My Identity? 

How Much Will My Score Go Up? 

Will I Get Approved For My House, Car, etc? 

What About an Online Dispute? 

Still need help?  If you have a question that isn’t answered here, or if you feel like you could use advice when it comes to the restoration of your personal credit history, we are here to help you make the best choice!  You may call us at 800-972-3970 or email: info@approvemyscore.com.  You’re also more than welcome to visit our office.  Evening and weekend appointments are available.