Credit Repair Pricing – Approve My Score

Credit Repair Pricing

Check out our enrollment options below to take the first step towards your success.
If you are interested in payment options please feel free to give us a call at 800-972-3970.

Credit Monitoring


This monitoring is necessary to go through any part of our services. To obtain your credit monitoring, simply click on the button below to order your credit monitoring to get your 3-Bureau Credit Report which includes your 3-Bureau Vantage Scores. There are 2 options but it’s imperative that you choose the program for $19.95 per month to allow access to all 3 Bureaus.

Credit Repair Payment Plans:

All of our Plans start off with setting up your Client Portal.

Credit Audit – This is a report of your real time credit profile including where your problem areas are.

Dispute letters processed for the Big 3 Credit Bureaus and Furnisher letters when appropriate.

Monthly reviews set on 30-day intervals to maximize time savings. This will also include when accounts are repaired, deleted or added to your credit report.

$500 One-Time Payment

$600 – 2 Payments of $300

$750 – $250 Down, then 5 Monthly Payments of $100

Couple Plan – $375 Down, then 5 Monthly Payments of $150

$900 – 9 Payments of $100 – This plan will take approximately 9 months to complete.

$960 – 12 Payments of $80 – This plan will take approximately 12 months to complete.