At Fred Livai Financial, our foundation is built on the pillars of transparency, education, and personalized service. As a team, we pride ourselves on delivering custom-tailored solutions that cater to the unique financial objectives of each client. Our boutique firm maintains a commitment to a client-centric approach, emphasizing direct attention and a dedication to your financial well-being. From innovative credit repair driven by advanced AI to comprehensive insurance options across top-rated carriers, we navigate the complexities of financial coaching on your behalf. Choose us for an unparalleled financial partnership that prioritizes your success above all else.

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Our Story

Because It’s Time To Seek Financial Advice From Experts

The evolution of Fred Livai Financial is a testament to our enduring commitment to financial empowerment. Originating as Approve My Score in 2000, our firm has flourished over 23 years, driven by a mission to confront and remedy the recurring financial challenges faced by our clients. Recognizing that these issues often stem from a fundamental lack of financial literacy, we took a proactive stance. Our transformation was rooted in the idea that a strong financial foundation is paramount.

With this in mind, our program has undergone significant adaptations, evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our clientele. We've refined our approach, placing a greater emphasis on education and the imparting of foundational financial principles. Today, Fred Livai Financial doesn't just aim to rectify credit issues; we strive to equip our clients with knowledge and skills in budgeting and credit management, setting them on a path to lasting financial stability. Our clients now enjoy a unique experience that doesn't just address the symptoms but cures the underlying financial ailments, fostering a comprehensive understanding of credit within the broader context of their financial lives.

Hear What Our Clients Say

Ashley Tagaloa

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Fred has helped me from no credit to great credit in less than a year! I told him my goal was to build my credit so I can get my very first car. He did exactly what he said he was going to do to help me achieve my goals. Very straightforward with his business, he knows exactly what he's doing in order to help you with your credit/goals. Also, very trustworthy and will go out of his way to help you with your vision. I highly recommend working with Fred, because he will see your vision and make it 10x more better for you! It wasn't easy, but with Fred and after seeing the results, it's definitely worth it. THANKS FRED :) - Ashley Tagaloa

Rose At BelSpa

WOW WOW WOW is how I want to start this review!! Fred went above and beyond for my son. I initially just asked him to have a consultation so he could help me with what I should do next after trying to repair my sons credit so then he could go to the Navy. I was trying to do it all on my own and settle his accounts myself and told him what I was doing. He was patient, listened to me and I learned there was so much more that I could have been doing which I wasn't educated or knew of. I learned that there was so much I needed to do, dispute letters if addresses or names weren't matching I needed to accomplish, and I needed to have 3 reports side by side so I can analyze them. Fred has a program and technique on helping people with their finances with seeing what the problem is in your finances and cleaning up their credit is just one of their services you get as a bonus! He was such a blessing and advised us what to do and was able to get reports immediately and draft up reports to send to the credit companies!! I was truly amazed at his speed, response and his professionalism and passion to help my son. He got a plan in place, letters and very responsive. If anyone is looking to repair their credit THIS IS THE GUY TO CALL!!! He truly is a blessing to our family and I know he will be to yours as well!!

Alejandra Avalos

Positive: Professionalism,
Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Wanted to give them a 5-star review for their prompt and professional work. The first week I signed up with Approve my score i instantly seen an increase ( 30-40 point) change on my credit report. They stay on top of everything paper work, follow up with clients make were also on top of our stuff. Freddie and his team have been nothing but helpful to my credit score and happiness to say the least.

If your in need of credit repair....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR CALL THEM!

Kesha Walker

Positive: Quality

I am very pleased with how professional and helpful this company has been to me on my credit journey. I was so lost trying to get help with my credit and when I reached out to Fred he walked me through the process and was very thorough in explaining and guiding me through what needed to happen. I definitely recommend this company for anyone trying to rebuild their credit you won't be disappointed.

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